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Customer Retention
Customer Retention is the activity that a selling organization undertakes in order to reduce customer defections. Successful customer retention starts with the first contact an organization has with a customer and continues throughout the entire lifetime of a relationship.

Our technology was developed after 8 years of expertise in the mailing business and is constantly being updated as changes take place in the market. It is scalable and can be easily fitted to your needs in order to allow you with fast yet efficient delivery.

Our Service
Our Service is designed to generate the absolute highest returns from your mailing list. Our team consists of highly capable email marketing and media experts that provide the most reliable and efficient service. We offer both managed and unmanaged mailing solutions for your convenience.


Information Privacy

Information Privacy is completely guaranteed! Your data will never be sold, released or disclosed with a 3rd party nor used in any purpose other than providing you with service.


Customer Retention

Follow up with prospects automatically using autoresponders to send them a series of personalized email messages. Turn your leads into sales around the clock easily and effectively.


Automate your mailing list with triggers that will automatically send an email when the recipient opens a specific mail or clicks on a link. Triggers can also be used to send an automatic email based on a date such as recipient's birthday or one year membership landmark.


Deliver newsletters to your mailing list combining edgy graphics and personalization in your emails. Avoid spam filters by reducing the use of spam related keywords.


Ask your clients for feedback or thank them when they make a purchase in order to strengthen your image with them and improve your quality of service.


ur advanced mailing systems support many important features such as:


Personalization of emails.


Rotation of your subjects, dedicated ips and domains.


High reputation ips for opt-in mailers.


Powerful XML-based API


Split testing optimization.


and more.


n case you are too busy or become frustrated by diverting your time and energy into design, deliverability issues and managing your email lists, you can always leave it with our experts!


Mailing Systems > Each system contains fresh clean rotating ips and tracking domains. You can either manage the system yourself or have your dedicated account manager handle the action.

Managed Newsletters > Your newsletters will be optimally designed, tested against all possible spam filters and delivered successfully to inbox by us.
This service is useful whenever you desire to share news, updates or offers with your existing clients or potential ones.


Automated Messaging > Design your messages and schedule them so you can automatically contact your subscribers on certain occasions or by a series of follow-up emails, delivered to new subscribers at separate intervals over a period of time in order to convert them into sales.


Customer Feedback > Set up an automatic email to thank your clients for their purchases and ask for their feedback.


SMS Marketing > An affordable solution for bulk SMS sending that will allow you to enjoy a high deliverability rate together with accurate delivery reports.


Contact Us
Contact us today in order to maximize your marketing potential and achieve the highest possible revenues from your mailing lists.









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